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You have found your Positive Rhythm!

Everything about this website is dedicated to the proposition that positive outcomes can be encouraged and developed with focused effort.

This is “positive rhythm.”

When something is optimistic, constructive, helpful, encouraging, affirmative and upbeat, it is POSITIVE.

When something is progressive, sequenced, regular or patterned, then it is RHYTHM.

Positive Rhythm is really about making progress through establishing patterns that are constructive.

But it is also about MUSIC.

This is the HOME of the MUSICAL KEYNOTE!  But there is so much more!

Music is often a centerpiece of what we do to help people develop in positive ways; but our tools (and “toys”) also include…

  • other performing arts
  • humor
  • stories
  • training models
  • activities
  • appropriate audio-visuals, and
  • other media.

We use these instruments to engage people of all ages in learning that’s enjoyable and empowering!  And the topics are always tailored to your needs! Here is a sampling of ways that content for keynotes, workshops, assemblies convocations, residencies and more can be focused to address the ideas, people or situations that are important to you:


  • Goal Setting & Action-Planning
  • Self-Worth
  • Conflict Management
  • Mediation & Group Dynamics
  • Goal-Setting
  • Stories & Storytelling
  • Recreational Drug-Specific Information
  • Communication
  • Building Character
  • Positive Thinking & Positive Action
  • Team Building
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Basic Song Writing
  • Youth Resiliency
  • Creative Writing
  • …and MORE



And this is not counting perfectly tailored presentations such as those represented in custom theme songs created for client needs!

[You can see (and hear) samples of these elsewhere on this site.]

Believe us when we say  there’s a lot more here than what meets the eye!


So if you have questions or needs that are not addressed in this introduction,



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