Wichita Griots Storytellers

Wichita Griots Storytellers Wichita Griots Storytellers

The Griots Cultural Arts Storytelling Institute is a diverse, grassroots 501© (3) non-profit organization, dedicated to providing educational storytelling arts in the inner city and the total community.

The Griots (GREE-ohs) partner with other arts and cultural organizations to develop arts programs using character education stories to connect with youth and community members.

The Griots teach Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Caring, Self-Discipline and MORE through the art of storytelling.


Our Mission

The Griots are storytellers committed to keeping the oral tradition of the ancient art form of storytelling alive, and especially to inspiring and enabling all youth — especially those from disadvantaged circumstances —  to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Our Vision

The Griots seek to strengthen education, preserve and renew the world’s fading cultures, and build peace and understanding among all people … especially youth in conflict.

The Griots have formed a partnership with the local school district where we collaborate to teach and present messages in schools through storytelling in order to:

  • Encourage students to stay in school;
  • Inspire creativity;
  • Convey values and teach moral lessons;
  • Teach youth to recognize their unique gifts and talents; and
  • Influence young people to treat themselves and each other with dignity and respect.

Through our work, we are creating new possibilities to animate the human spirit, enhance the imagination, and strengthen education.

The Griots use a variety of creative art expressions to reach individuals who have a variety of learning styles. We especially enjoy combining our love of child-like and imaginative literature with timeless wisdom in storytelling designs where performance and other arts are combined to present a unique learning experience.

We also focus a great deal on working with youth to develop communication skills, social skills, and artistic skills so that those we teach can use their innate talents to produce original works that connect with audiences.

A centerpiece of The Griots in the Wichita area is our week-long summer-time …

Cultural Arts Camp

…for children aged 6-16 — usually in the second week of July.  The 10th Anniversary of the camp unfolds in 2013, and an original themed stage show is planned, as usual, featuring students demonstrating skills and talents in hand drumming, dance, music, acting, storytelling and visual artswith some emphasis on reading and research.

For more information, Visit The Griots web site!