Time for Revolution

          Time for Revolution   Not long ago, I had an email exchange with a fine man to whom I am related by virtue of our mutual connection to an extended blended ... READ MORE >>

Reflections on “THE” Holidays (What We Can Learn From Year-End Celebrations)

I love the holidays at the end of the year.  And in my opinion, these are THE holidays!  Our year-end celebrations give us an opportunity to reflect on a number of universally significant and ... READ MORE >>

Thanksgiving 365 (364 Opportunities Beyond The National Holiday)

  Why should we have a Thanksgiving Day?  Or maybe we should ask, why do we have only one? In this country, you don’t have to look far to find people who regularly go hungry.  And for ... READ MORE >>

H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R. (An Acrostic Greeting)

Happy New Year!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice to share that greeting everyday?  Of course, there are only a few official New Year’s Days, and barring some serendipitous coincidence, this is ... READ MORE >>

Self-Affirmations (Writing Resolutions That Make A Difference)

Whether it’s the New Year or not, if you want to make resolutions that really have some teeth in them, you could try writing self-affirmations instead of resolutions.  Most people ... READ MORE >>

Reaffirming Relationships

Sometime in December (or a little earlier if we’re really efficient), in my household, we send out holiday greeting cards and Christmas letters to many of our friends and family members.  ... READ MORE >>

A New Story of Christmas (The “Spirit” of Giving)

Once Upon A Time, there was a Spirit that came to live among The People.  At least, that’s what The People thought.  For often when they would wonder about certain things, they would ... READ MORE >>

A Twist on Christmas Themes (Taking, Conflict, Hate & Death)

When the subject is Christmas, one is expected to hold forth on themes such as celebrating new births, giving gifts, establishing peace and spreading love.  Well, I don’t plan to do that ... READ MORE >>