Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Ceremonies

Perhaps the only decision most of us will ever make that is just as important (or perhaps more important) than who we chose to partner with for life and love is what we decide about identifying and living the significant purposes of our individual lives.  And the truth is, many of us decide on a mate long before we have clarity about the meaning of our lives.

And though the commitment we make privately in our hearts and to those we love is where the spirit of marriage truly lives, the day that we make a public declaration of that intention is very important.  Before family and friends, and in the eyes of the law, we should approach a weeding or commitment ceremony as an experience that we carefully design to reflect the love of our hearts, our deepest intentions, and our responsibilities to ourselves and each other.

The form of celebration and pageantry for your special day is up to you and your wedding planner.  But if you want a CEREMONY with VOWS tailored especially for you, which uses as much or as little of classic forms as you choose, then you have come to the right place!