Yan-Koloba Yan-Koloba


Yan-koloba is a social, educational and multi-cultural team building game rooted in Africa.  It is perfect for schools, sports teams, camps, religious functions, corporate trainings, family gatherings and more.

This one-of-a-kind game:

  • Is simple to use and can be played anywhere;
  • Accommodates all learning styles;
  • Is challenging while promoting cooperation rather than confrontation;
  • Builds character in the group and helps boost players’ self-esteem;
  • Promotes teamwork, unity and harmony; and
  • Is fun, recreational, and a great ice-breaker and tension reliever.

Yan-koloba was adapted from an African folk game played by passing wooden blocks rhythmically, simultaneously and continuously around a circle while singing a very simple accompanying song.  A facilitator leads the team and incorporates each player’s name as part of the game.

Imagine a simple group activity that reaches across all cultural boundaries, fully delights and easily engages up to 50 participants, while teaching respect, teamwork, collaboration and responsibility.  Visualize fully engaging in an almost hypnotic rhythm of movement accompanied by simple music and promoting tolerance and trust, and a boost in self-esteem and leadership skills at the same time.  Consider a metaphor for life that is incredibly rich while being deceptively simple… an activity that opens the door for parents, educators and group process facilitators to teach lessons for life while everyone enjoys a game that’s far more than child’s play.  This is Yan-koloba!

Yan-koloba is the only game that gathers persons of all ages, genders, and physical abilities around the same circle.  And this circle of fun is clearly also the circle of life… proving once again that a sense of community… the “village” is what raises us all!


For more information and materials, CONTACT YAN-KOLOBA designer, Dr. Emmanuel Ngomsi.

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