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Recycle, Repurpose, Redefine 

(Or …Having fun playing with junk & stuff)

Artist Statement – by Denise Jackson-Simon

As a singer, songwriter and teacher of theater skills, I’m constantly composing, be it a script, a song, a costume, or a set design. I also enjoy arranging with the elements of interior decorating.  Assemblages began evolving rather naturally as I started looking at design in a different way and on a different scale.

When I combined this intention with my love of the Earth, a good garage sale find, and a commitment to recycling and reusing everything, I started to see a real opportunity for unique creations.

I also try to use items from nature when I can.  The pieces in my exhibits are made from 100% found or discarded items, mostly from garage sales, junk piles, give-aways from friends, and encounters with the great outdoors. 

I love the variety of shapes, colors, and textures that find their way into these works and the very organic process of creating the assemblages, in a way that makes it fun to discover how they turn out. 

I hope those who see my offerings will sense that same impression of FUN!.


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