H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R. (An Acrostic Greeting)


Happy New Year!!!  Wouldn’t it be nice to share that greeting everyday?  Of course, there are only a few official New Year’s Days, and barring some serendipitous coincidence, this is probably not one of them.  Nevertheless, I’d like to wish you a happy new year.  After all, today is the first day of the rest of your next year from today; so it works for me.

Also, whether you formally made resolutions for the last official New Year or not, I hope you are taking advantage of opportunities to renew your life in ways that seem appropriate for you.  But if not, there’s no better time than the present.  In fact, some would say there is no other time than the present . . . but that’s a discussion for another time.

For today, however, let’s give “HAPPY NEW YEAR” some additional meaning.  Let’s use the letters that spell it out to remind ourselves of some things we may want to take along on our respective journeys through the next 365 days.

“H” will be for “health.”  In a world where there are so many agents that can rob us of health, it is definitely a privilege to be healthy; but it comes at a price.  The cost is a regular effort to preserve what we have and continually improve it.  Let’s be sure to make the effort.  Our very lives depend on it

“A” will represent “attentiveness.”  We really need to pay better attention to our experience.  There’s too much that we miss as we rush through our lives as if getting to the end of it were the goal rather than enjoying the ride.  Stop and smell the roses!  Wake up and smell the coffee!  If something stinks, dispose of it!  Pay attention!

“P” can be for “preparedness.”  You don’t have to be one of those people who never go anywhere without a Swiss Army knife, an umbrella, and a parachute; but try to be prepared . . . or at least resourceful.  Anticipate your needs as best you can and be prepared to meet them as well as the things that you can’t expect but must deal with nevertheless.

“P” can also be for “perseverance.”  There’s no substitute for good old-fashioned “stick-to-it-ivenesss.”  Old sayings remind us that if things are worth having, they are also worth working for and waiting for.  Persevere.  Don’t give up on what’s important.

“Y” might be for “youthfulness.”  A world of youth is a world of freshness and vitality and non-jadedness.  It is a world of wonder and surprise and openness.  It is a world of innocence and humor and tolerance.  It is a world of resilience.  It is a world we would do well to be in touch with in every way possible and for as long as possible.

“N” is for “niceties.”  “Random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” are worth propagating incessantly.  In every situation, ask yourself what is the most loving thing to do, and then do it.  Be nice.

“E” stands for enthusiasm.  Life is both too short and too wonderful to go through lackadaisically.  Be enthusiastic.  Let no circumstances rob you of the joy that will always emanate from within if you allow it by cultivating your enthusiasm.  Do it now!

“W” will represent “wonder” in our acrostic.  Wonder about things the way you used to before you decided you had it all figured out.  Remember to look not only for the answers to your questions but for the questions to your answers.  The more we know, the more we understand that we know very little of what can be known.  Keep wonder alive.

“Y” (as we come to it again) reminds us to be “yea-sayers” rather than naysayers.  Let’s be positive and affirmative.  Let’s be into “possibility thinking” rather than allowing ourselves the dubious luxury of believing in so much impossibility.  We have had enough of “Just Say No!”  What will we say “yes” to?

“E” will stand for “expeditiousness.”  Being efficient and speedy is definitely to our advantage in a society that increasingly expects us all to do more with less.  It may not be fair, but it’s the way of the world.  Get used to it.  Batten down the hatches, tighten up the ship, dodge the torpedoes, and go full speed ahead whenever possible.

“A” brings us to adjustability.”  We are in deep trouble if we can’t be flexible.  In spite of our best efforts, things will sometimes (if not often) simply not go the way we’ve planned.  Not to worry.  Go to plan “C” or plan “J.”  As my mom used to always say, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  Be flexible.

“R” (last, but not least) will herald the word “respectfulness.”  How sweet it would  be, indeed, if we could all learn to be more respectful of one another, and of nature, and of ourselves.  And that’s “enough said.”

Happy New Year!  Perhaps the greeting and the thought will remind you to think of your health, attentiveness, preparedness, perseverance,, youthfulness, niceties, enthusiasm, wonder, yea saying, expeditiousness, adjustability, and respectfulness.

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